Kart Kanyon Speedway, Inc.

2013 FLS Slim Raffle $50.00 per Ticket or 5 for $200.00.  Drawing will take place October 31, 2015   Winner assumes all
responsibility "with out" warranty.

We are a 1/5 mile dirt track located in Aztec, NM sanctioned under USAC. Please check our schedule to find upcoming events! Admission is FREE if you sit in our grandstands. Find us on Facebook and Instagram for up to date photos and videos during our races! 

Our board members have been working double time to get our new sectioning body with USAC under control.  It’s a big big change, new rules, cars, and we hope lots of new families that are ready to come out and have some fun with us.  What we want to bring to the table is good racing so for that we need a great foundation.  This is where each and every one of us has to take some peace of the pie to make this all work.  We are looking for volunteers; we are looking for Flagmen, score’s, pit stewards, and EMS personal to insure that everyone has a great time when they are racing with us.  We are a non-profit group that wants to share our love of Racing!  Because no matter how old you get those old racing memories never die nor do the families that become your family.  If you never have been around racing you will be blown away at the sportsmanship that takes place every Saturday night.

Now for those of you that may not know me, my name is Calvin Mathews your track president.  I am a very lucky man; I have a very loving family that supports me and my sons racing habits! Oh that is right I better not forget PAPA, and Grandpa they have it just as bad! All the great people you see at the tack here with me…  They either worked on my cars, or I raced with them, or we were at a track together long before this.  Now our kids are getting a change to walk a path we did a long time ago.  If you ask each one of us we probably tell you some really funny stories, there will be a few sad ones, some great winnings, and some of the hardest losses we experienced, but each one will tell you that they wouldn’t change a thing.  This is a new chapter in our lives. We want to pass down to our kids that you can’t win at everything you do, but if you work hard, ask for help when you need it or try something all on your own; you can achieve great success.   That is what I want to bring to the table for our kids; this is more than just racing more than just winning.  This about spending time with family, making new friends, testing yourself.  And parents I am not just talking to your young drivers, I am talking to you as well, the pit crew, the camera mom, the hurry and get us that part grandma!  Are you ready for the time of your life?!?

I am now going to introduce:
Bobbie Huish our vice president.
Ashly Harpole our secretary.
Christine Yates our Treasurer.

Tech Directors for USAC Quarter Midgets are:

Ken Hazzard
Rob McCartney

We are looking for more board members, and volunteers to help out on committees.

If you’re willing to jump in and help us out. Please come talk to me at the track or email me. (Calvin Mathews)

I would like to thank everyone for their support in helping Kart Kanyon this year.  To all the board members and families that come out and help.  Our 1st test and tune was exciting and having new drivers and teams out at the track was exciting.  I want to do a better job and really put some focus on getting everything running smooth.  So on April 25, 2015 please come out to the track early so that we can get everyone’s paperwork in order for the season.  And let’s give our tech guys a chance to safety inspect drivers gear and cars before they go out on the track. 

There has been some question as to the Championship format that was laid out earlier this year and I would like to address it we those entire in question.

Each class will be racing for a championship at Kart Kanyon.  This will include everyone, from USAC classes, Mod 160 (methanol), flat karts, Micro Sprints.

Kart Kanyon and Aztec Speedway are only doing one Championship series called the ZIA Cup for USAC Heavy 160 Class, this will be a traveling trophy.  The champion of the series will get their name engraved into the cup, along with their number and year of the championship.  We felt this would be a great place to start due to it being the last class before they move up.  This driver will also get a trophy that they can keep for the championship series. 

In addition, I would like to add that this is my 1st year in this position and I don’t plan to fail.  I do expect I will have some challenges to overcome, mistakes will be made.  But each one will be fixed and overcome.  I just ask for your support in making this a great place for our kids to learn about racing and all of us to grow as a racing family.  I don’t have all the answers, nor do I feel I will ever have them.  But I do ask that each and every one that comes out to race to share your input and ideas.  For all of those that have been doing this a few years please help out the new families that come out, make sure they feel welcomed, and for those of you that are just starting out please come talk to us.  We are happy that you are out here, racing is the greatest sport!  Ok, I may just be bias in that statement, but it really is a great sport. 

Tell me how many sports were you see the family all to gather at one place helping to achieve a goal that everyone has put something into all week long?  How many grandmas’ go home after an event with mud in their hair and oil on their jeans??  

Go to the members tab click on .25 midgets to view all rules!  Not much has changed in their rules for 2015!

ATTENTION RACERS - the following is a list of items REQUIRED in order to race;
        Fire Suit
        Gloves (have to be Nomex or equivalent)

                SA requirement for Quarter Midgets
                SA or M requirement for Flat Karts
        Neck Brace/Neck Restraints
        Arm Restraints
 Although racing shoes are not required they are highly recommended.

Join us for our 1st Annual Pumpkin Races!
The Official Pumpkin Race Rules:
1.) Craft your pumpkin racecar using a single pumpkin.
2.) Insert 2 independent axles through your pumpkin and attach wheels to the axles. Spice up your racer with STYLE.
3.) You may NOT attach your pumpkin to a pre-fabricated chassis of any kind.
5.) No pushing or "helping" your pumpkin racer on the starting line. Our race officials have seen it all-the last minute shove, the hidden thumb flick, the early release, and the remote control chasis. See rule #6.
6.) NO CHEATING!!! Use honor system and obey the spirit of these rules. Our race officials have a keen eye and the Mallet-O-Justice is ready to bring a Cheater pumpkin down!

All cars will be safety checked BEFORE the race.  All safety gear, and the car will be checked.  If the gates open at 1:00 we will start checking at 1:00.  Please be sure we get your driver & car checked before time to pack the track.  If your driver hasn't been safety checked by packing time then they will not be allowed to race.  Please follow the safety rules so your driver can participate.


Novice Handbook and Novice Proficiency checklist is now available on the Getting Started and Rules Page.  Please be aware that if you haven't raced before that this has to be completed to be able to race.  The handbook has some good learning no matter what class you race.  Any of the Board of Directors can sign off on it.  

Please email pictures and videos to admin@kartkanyon.com
Or drop them off at M&R Trucking Water 

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